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Sunday, June 14, 2020

SLTB 3493: "Marketplace - T.P.G.P " ~ Hoddie ~ @ ThE PrEtTy gIrL PrOjEcT

Vendor: ThE PrEtTy gIrL PrOjEcT (cUrVy sTyLe)
Name: Hoddie
Label: Apparel
Type: Outfit
Kind:  Women's Clothes
Style: Hoodie Dress
Colors: 19 Color options 
Mesh: 100% Mesh
Bodies For Outfit:
Slink (Hourglass) 
Tonic (Fine, Curvy)
eBody (Curvy)

Fatpack: : T.P.G.P:  - T.P.G. Sade Hoddie Set
Price: L$199

MarketPlace Link:  T.P.G.P


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